A.Q.S Consultancy partnered with RIB iTwo CostX

A.Q.S Consultancy delighted to inform that, following to a several round of worthy negotiations and approvals by the RIB Solutions Limited and other invaluable stakeholders and authorities, on 1 November 2021 officially partnered with RIB iTwo CostX formerly known as Exactal CostX.


RIB’s iTwo CostX is a world wide popular construction estimating software for 2D & BIM, which will immensely support the construction industry at various stages through providing ACCURATE QUALIFIED & SMART estimating platform to perform fast and accurate take off. With its embedded workbooks linked with rates and prices library with real takeoffs and quantities as well as perform comparison and evaluation for sub-contractors’ selection for collaboration.


Further, A.Q.S Consultancy hereby inform that all our Clients will be extended the benefit from the adoption of CostX software now on for our estimates for all modern construction contracts to enjoy the risk free estimate in the digital era.